Shall I stay or shall I go?

From time to time it's good to reflect on what has gone before, what is happening now and what could happen in the future. I've been blogging for many years. In fact I have a screenshot of a post from 2003!! I had started blogging a few years before that. Well before WordPress or Blogger… Continue reading Shall I stay or shall I go?


We have a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers that come to feed at our Bird Feeding Station in the garden. We call them Woody and Woodette although we're not quite sure which is which. It's always joyfull to have them visit us. It's fascinating because some Robins usually visit at the same time but rest… Continue reading Woody

Balloons over Bagan

I've decided to put some order into my videoclips and have been making short videos less than 2.5 minutes and have been putting them on Facebook. I thought I would try and post one here and find out what you think. My wife and I visited Myanmar in early 2017 and were fortunate to make… Continue reading Balloons over Bagan