Book Review : The Photographer’s Wife

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This review really reflects the reality that if you are going to write a book review you should do so just or shortly after reading the book.

Nick Alexander’s book however has been gnawing at me for a few months now and is really one of the best I have read this year. As I intend to write reviews for every book I read from now on I decided to commence with his.

The Photographer’s Wife, Nick Alexander, Published by BIGfib books, ebook edition, 1st of October 2014. 400 pages.

We discover Barbara’s childhood during London’s Blitz. We learn of the poverty and hardship that she later shielded from her children as well as the realities of a difficult marriage to the man who became a famous and well known photographer.

Nick Alexander then weaves the story through different timelines and perspectives and we discover, through Sophie, her youngest daughter, the complex relationships between her parents, when she decides to organise a retrospective of her father’s work.

Discovering old photos and the stories behind them challenges how she sees her parents.

Nick Alexander assembles the family puzzle in an affectionate and hard to put down manner that pulled me in from the first pages and held me until the conclusion. The fact that the plot hinted at future revelations didn’t distract from the pleasure of my read.

The characters are well drawn and believable and the past through to the present style of story telling adds to the depth of the novel.

On finishing I rushed to get more of Nick Alexander’s books and look forward to the pleasure of reading them.

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