My thoughts are as grey as seven day snow,

Entangled in shapeless heaps

that seem to fill my head, which risks to overflow.

I’m sure that I won’t find sleep

In this anguished and anxious state.
Even though my head is full to overflowing

I urge my heart take control,

as it has it’s own way of knowing,

how to escape this murky hole

and put an end to my minds dark debate.
Free falling and spiraling I continue my descent

While pleading desperately with my aching heart,

to regain the ascendance of this melancholic event.

And then, just before that fatal moment, when all comes apart,

I glance towards you and catch your smile.
I feel your warm touch on my troubled temperament

and the dissipation of my unwelcome anguish.

An instantaneous and welcoming betterment,

that causes my gloom to vanish,

then restores me softly and gently, for a precious while.

Graham Lawrence. 6th of July 2015

Dedicated, with eternal gratitude, to my wonderful wife Anne-Claude

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