Souvenir from the Old Town

This is my second entry for Friday Fictioneers. As my wonderful son is visiting us this week I decided to write my entry as quickly as possible as I feared I wouldn’t find the time later.

dijonThis weeks photo is (c) Sandra Crook.


Souvenir from the Old Town

The Old Town was a welcome, relaxing change from the bustling town centre, but Valérie remained jittery.

Every time they came to an opening, her Mother stopped, looked into the shadows and appeared to be searching for something.

Valérie spun around enthusiastically, injecting life into a street that was otherwise still and virtually lifeless.

Coming round fast, her foot made contact with a bright yellow glass jar, obscured behind a pillar and it smashed into thousands of brownish shards creating a messy splatter.

Oh Valérie! I don’t think we’ll be able to take that mustard home for supper now! (99 words)



6 thoughts on “Souvenir from the Old Town

  1. I missed your first entry because I’ve been away for a few weeks. “Souvenir from the Old Town” is a delightful piece. Glad you took time to write it. Have fun with your son. Alicia


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