Here is this weeks entry to the Friday Fictioneers challenge of writing a 100 word story prompted by a photo.


Photo prompt © G.L. MacMillan.


The dawn’s rays gleamed with a cold clear light through the collection of coloured glassware.
Somehow they seemed to shine with an incandescent lust for life and it was always a magic moment to contemplate them from the peace of the old boathouse.
He loved dressing hurriedly before the rest of the family and making his way here quietly without waking anyone.
His family complained that they were just collecting dust but he had kept the secret because when he tapped them in a particular order he could play their tune while reminiscing.
“Love you always darling.” He whispered. (99 words)

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23 Replies to “Friday Fictioneers : Memories”

    1. That was a very gentle comment. If I could edit I would tell you his name but that would be cheating. I’ll certainly bear this in mind for future writes. Specially because it doesn’t even add to the word count. I listen and I learn.

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    1. Getting lovely and helpful comments is all a rich part of participating. Your site is also very helpful and your writing is an inspiration! Thanks:-)

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  1. What a great response to that photo. How many times have I seen people playing tunes on bottles? A tavern owner in Depot Bay, Oregon kept a row of whiskey bottles partially filled, and often played a tune for her customers with a mallet. Why didn’t I remember that?

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