Friday Fictioneers : Entrancement

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Here I am with another Friday Fictioneers entry. The weekly challenge is to compose a piece of Flash Fiction of 100 words inspired by a photo prompt.


This weeks photo prompt is © Madison Woods


With the curtains drawn the room was sombre.
Sue slumped on the recliner while Robert, seated by her side, spoke softly, reciting from the script he had downloaded earlier.

“Look deep into the image.
Travel inwards exploring the different shades of grey.
The branches draw you in further and further towards the bright light in the centre and
you feel yourself sinking into a deepening, relaxing sleep.”

Sue chortled and Robert knew, in that moment, that it was hopeless.
“If you want me to remember where I hid the diamonds you should have hired a qualified hypnotherapist.“ She said, giggling.

(100 words)

Find the other entries here below. Why not join us and enter your own flash fiction? Follow the link above.

13 Replies to “Friday Fictioneers : Entrancement”

    1. Thanks Rochelle for your motivating comment! I do so look forward to each challenge now and my week would not be the same without an entry. Hope you get better soon! Warm thoughts 🙂


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