Daily Post Photo Challenge : Beneath Your Feet

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This weeks photo challenge is Beneath Your Feet and was taken with a Sony A7R (28mm 1/100sec, f8 ISO 100) in Taishacho, Hinomisaki, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. My wife and I were there on an excursion to see the lighthouse and I broke free from the crowd, as usual, searching for subjects.

Here is a short story inspired by the photograph

Get back from the edge!

Graham believes that he has always had an Angel looking after him. She came to him first when he was aged 4, petrified and crying on the Station Platform when the 10.06 am Paddington to Bristol Pullman Express steamed through noisily without stopping. She took the form of his Mum on that occasion and the memory of the train and the comfort she gave him, still linger.

She came back formless when aged 9 he decided to climb the inside wall of a countryside aqueduct. Climbing up was easy but then he panicked. It’s only a vague memory now but he’s sure that his Angel guided his descent somehow.

She manifested herself many times throughout his teenage years but he was never really able to give her a face until the day in his late twenties when he accidentally knocked himself out after opening a cupboard door a little too abrubtly.

His Angel was even more beautiful than he could ever have imagined. Dizzy, he was disarmed by her smile and dazed by the sunlight that shone through her light blonde hair. She seemed to speak in a foreign language but as he gathered his senses and clutched his sore head, he remembered that he was living in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

His Angel now had a name. Everybody called her Anne-Claude but Graham called her Cherie or Mon Amour. On the day they were married she was dressed finely in her Angel attire. When she walked up the aisle on that rainy October day he was sure that he saw her wings rising majestically from the small of her back but would admit under pressure to it probably being a trick of the light when the Church Door opened.

Graham’s Angel continues to watch over him even after two wonderful children and almost thirty five years of marriage.

Of course, unlike fairy tales, even the power of an Angel is insufficient for some extraordinary events like when she warned him not to go into the sea with his glasses. He went in very confident but was pushed over by an unexpected wave and lost his glasses to the strong currents on that beach in Bali. He didn’t see much of the feature film through his prescription sunglasses on the long flight home.

It was the same in Vanuatu when he went alone with his sister on an excursion and swam in the river with his phone in his pocket. The only solution was to replace it.

When he returned, his Angel was not happy at all and he knew that had she been with him, she wouldn’t have let him be so distracted.

So even now his Angel watches over him every day and regularly saves him from most of his difficult or dangerous adventures.

One of her most successful enterprises has been to make sure he doesn’t fall down or injure himself.

So when she says “Get back from the edge!” He goes as far as her dares but with a willingness to comply. She is his Angel after all.

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