Mondays Finish the Story : Ruinous Rivalry

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It’s this weeks Mondays Finish the Story time. (A challenge to finish a story where the first sentence (“Where did they go?”) and a photo (below) are provided).

Ruins. © Barbara W. Beacham 2015
Ruins. © Barbara W. Beacham 2015

Thanks again to Barbara for running the challenge. I’m only a few weeks in but I have already virtually earmarked it in my Diary!

Ruinous Rivalry

Where did they go?” He muttered.

But nobody was listening. No one remained. Only the light breeze.

The planet had been abandoned and all that remained were ruins and artefacts.

The scene looked peaceful. The grass grew undisturbed and there were no traces of footprints on the dirt track leading to the old schoolhouse.

Perhaps, he mused, if he wound back a few decades he could track them down.

He fingered the remote in his pocket and took a deep breath, anticipating the jolt.

A flash, then a sharp pain in his left shoulder and it was all over.

They’d found him first. (99 words)

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