Sunday Photo Fiction: All in a name

I love taking photos and often find them inspiring. Of late I’ve also become somewhat of a writer of Flash fiction. Combining the two each week feels like a good idea.

This challenge is similar to others I participate in but as I’m on a roll  here goes Sunday Photo Fiction.

Sunday Photo Fiction August-9th-2015
Docked Sail Cruise Ship at night

All in a name

Makisig, meaning handsome and manly, is proud of his Filipino origins. Everyone on the ship call him Mark. Human Resources had insisted. Happy to get the job on the ship he hadn’t even considered objecting.

Sanum transitioned in her teens to Sanoh, a popular Thai girl’s name meaning sweet and pleasant sounding. On the ship she was known as Sandra but as the only transgendered crew member, she was delighted to be integrated and it was only a name.

They had become intimate friends since meeting on the ship.

After a rare shore opportunity they were together on a parapet overlooking the dock. Sanoh was cradled motionless in Makisig’s arms. Blood seeped through her exquisite Thai Silk Kimono and his repeated attempts to stop the flow were to no avail.

The attack had come without warning as they were making their way back to the ship. Hooded individuals had sprung out of the shadows and shouting racial and transphobic insults had stabbed Makisig and Sanoh viciously before retreating back into the shadows.

Makisig felt Sanoh slowly slipping from his embrace as the darkness engulfed him.

Neither of them heard the ship’s horn or the sirens of the approaching ambulances. (199 words)

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