Time for a blog makeover

Looking at other’s people’s blogs where the focus is often on fiction and writing I noticed that in the main they are all lighter than mine. I know that a black background is a good vehicle for photos but when writing is concerned it’s seems better to emulate the printed page.

I experimented several free WordPress themes but in the end I chose to modify my existing theme to accommodate some changes. I hope it makes it easier to read me.

Ultimately I aim to change the theme so that the posts are centred and prominent on the screen and where other elements are less obstructive. No hurry though as I don’t want this to interrupt the flow of my writing. I’m really enjoying it!

2 thoughts on “Time for a blog makeover

  1. You know a lot more about WordPress than I do, and I’m jealous! No, not really!! I’d just like to get some constructive criticism for MY blog, which is so amateurish it would make me blush if I were younger…from a wandering old woman who wandered into your blog

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