Literary Lion : In his mind’s eye

20 thoughts on “Literary Lion : In his mind’s eye”

  1. This was such an original and brilliant take on my prompt. I read something recently from Chuck Palahniuk about two methods of getting your reader to trust you… one was to sound authoritative, as though you’re a master of your subject, and the facts behind the songs you listed really helped with this. I trusted the narration, which made me really buy into the story, and hence the twist at the end had even more of an impact. Really great piece!


    1. Thank you so much for such encouraging remarks. It’s true what everyone says that you have to write regularly to improve and I feel I’m starting to do that. I’ll try and find Chuck’s other method! Thanks again.

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      1. You’re very welcome. Chuck’s other method was to give a little piece of your heart away, give the reader an insight into something perhaps you wouldn’t usually divulge, maybe an embarrassing anecdote… Something his characters often do. He has a great series of essays online for writers, they are very helpful! And yes, a regular writing habit is definitely a good thing!

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    1. Isn’t it funny how you have to be very careful and check often between what you imagine and what you write.On the other hand you only have limited words to write so there is little room for backstory.
      Rest assured my character is neither blind nor an organ collector!

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  2. Hi. Finally got here from Laura’s link. Took me a while, but it was worth it. Very clever idea, and a well executed twist at the end. Lots of open questions, but that’s what short stories do to us readers. I’m off to read some more of your writing.

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