Sunday Photo Fiction : Up with the Dawn

Sunday Photo Fiction
August 16th 2015 Pair of loved up doves (provided by Sunday Fiction)

It’s Sunday and time once again for my entry to Sunday Photo Fiction.

Up with the Dawn

The phone rings and I awake from somewhere I’ll never remember: feeling something cold, and moist on the pillow.

Damn; I’ve dribbled again! Lucky the pillow is creamy white, or else it would really show. It’s not an earth shattering problem, but it irks Mary. Not as much as my snoring: although I don’t wish to talk about that now if you don’t mind.

I glance at the phone and see: firstly, that it’s just a stupid text message; and secondly, that it’s only 7 am.

I groan, and reach for the duvet. Pulling it over my shoulders I slide under the covers; embracing the cosiness of the soon to be abandoned bed.

I’m tempted to stay put and drift back into sleep but I’ve far more important things to do today.

Reaching out, I extract the little present from the drawer of the bedside table, and turn towards Mary; lying peacefully on her side of the bed; her head turned towards the dawn.

I advance to kiss her on the nape of her exposed neck.

The door opens abruptly and Andrew, our eldest, runs towards the bed.

”Oh the two love birds!”

(193 words)

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