Mondays Finish the Story : Memories of Grandad (Number 42)

It’s Monday and time for another Mondays Finish the Story, organised by the wonderful Barbara W. Beacham. The photo prompt is below and the story must commence with “I see absolutely everything

Copyright © Barbara W. Beacham
2015  © Barbara W. Beacham

“I see absolutely everything.”

“I thought you couldn’t see very well Grandad.” I said; looking up uncomfortably, at the sunken skin where his left eye had been. It made him look so stern but I knew differently. He wasn’t wearing his patch today.

My school friend Sam; had told me that Grandad was a retired pirate, but I’d protested. I knew that he’d been wounded in the war.

I clambered onto the sofa beside him and he tousled my hair affectionately.

He continued whittling: the dark centre shape resembling more and more some sort of eye.

In my childishness I couldn’t help idly speculating.

(100 words)

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