Sunday Photo Fiction : Bad Timing

21 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction : Bad Timing”

    1. Indeed. Incidentally, on a technicality phones that are password protected still show notifications of incoming texts, emails, etc unless they are configured *not* to. Subtle n’est-ce pas 😉

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  1. Oh deary, dear. He is most definitely in for it. Kind of ironic in a way. Working with technology (I believe) yet, he failed when it came to passwords.
    On the other hand, it may be an innocent thing.
    Very good story!

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  2. Texting sure can get you in hot water! He thought a little jostling was irritating, that may have been mild compared to what could be coming next. “‘… c u at 9 2nite! Can’t wait!’ S.” sure does sound suspicious…or perhaps it’s just a really dedicated employee……..?

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