Sunday Photo Fiction : Bad Timing

An intricate looking wristwatch

It’s time, once again, for Sunday Photo Fiction and I’m excited to have the opportunity of participating in this challenge.

I hope my Facebook and Twitter readers are able to click through and read the stories behind the photos. I would be happy to get your feedback!

For my WP followers please feel free to add me on those media too by following the links below. I look forward to meeting you outside of my blog.

Here is this weeks story based, loosely, on the photo prompt above. I’ve taken the liberty of exceeding the word count. I felt it would be a shame to trim the story further. I hope you don’t mind.

Bad timing

“Nat. You’re going to be late.”

I smile, lean onto the breakfast bar with both elbows, and try to catch his attention.

He has that absent minded, far away look, and glances briefly at his watch before returning unenthusiastically to the morning paper.

I try a different tack.

“What time did you get back last night?”

He looks up and holds my gaze for a few precious instants.

He looks tired; his eyes slightly bloodshot, but I see the makings of a smile and finally, on cue, the outline of his dimples.

My Nat is in there somewhere and his smile is reassuring.

“About 1 am I think. I didn’t finish debugging the app until after midnight.”

My attention on him, and not on what I was doing, some yoghourt escapes from my spoon and drops onto my new dress.

“Shit!” I get up with a start, and head hastily towards the sink, to grab a wet cloth.

Jostling him in my rush; he lets out an irritated sigh.



He gets up, and without even a kiss or a goodbye, heads hurriedly towards the front door.

Wiping away the yoghourt, I move to watch him put on his coat and open the front door.

“Don’t wait up Abby; I’ve still got a lot to finish.”

Before I have time to reply, he has already left.

The sound of the door closing, reverberates – and then – Nat’s phone rings; a text message.

He’s left his mobile on the table.

Back in the kitchen, I pick it up.

There’s a notification on the locked screen.

‘… c u at 9 2nite! Can’t wait!’ S.H

(272 words)

21 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction : Bad Timing

    1. Indeed. Incidentally, on a technicality phones that are password protected still show notifications of incoming texts, emails, etc unless they are configured *not* to. Subtle n’est-ce pas 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh deary, dear. He is most definitely in for it. Kind of ironic in a way. Working with technology (I believe) yet, he failed when it came to passwords.
    On the other hand, it may be an innocent thing.
    Very good story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Texting sure can get you in hot water! He thought a little jostling was irritating, that may have been mild compared to what could be coming next. “‘… c u at 9 2nite! Can’t wait!’ S.” sure does sound suspicious…or perhaps it’s just a really dedicated employee……..?

    Liked by 1 person

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