The Bridge : (FFfAW)

The Bridge

Brad caressed his three day stubble and peered over the edge of the bridge.

Newly appointed Head of the local Police he was unprepared for what he saw. He’d forgotten his binoculars and took a photo with his mobile, zooming in as best he could.

The corpse of indeterminate sex was mangled almost beyond recognition.

A passenger on the 9.00 London to Edinburgh had phoned in the info earlier, but it had taken him and his team over an hour, trekking through the woods, to get to the bridge.

His shoes were caked in mud and his arms were marked with fine scratches from the dense foliage.

He felt self-conscious: unprepared; a real rookie.

“Look Boss! Down there! Right in the middle of the path.”

Sandy pointed excitedly, passing him her field glasses.

He focused on the object.

“Seems like a pair of boots!”

He checked his fuzzy photo again.

The victim was barefoot.

(155 words)

On closer inspection
Photo prompt : © Dawn M. Miller

This is my entry to this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW).

Please scroll back to my previous entries and also check out the other writer’s contributions by clicking on the blue frog above.

28 thoughts on “The Bridge : (FFfAW)

  1. I keep seeing this image of, “the corpse of indeterminate sex mangled almost beyond recognition.” Great story Graham! (Everyone seems to be seeing a pair of boots. I couldn’t figure out what that was). For a rookie cop he certainly got a difficult case! Thank you for participating in FFfAW challenge!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awesome! I’ve never been nominated for anything before. Don’t quite know what I have to do now (if anything!) Meeting people through my blog is an agreeable reward in itself!


  2. I agree with other comments above, Graham. this sound like the beginning of a longer piece – lots of unanswered questions that could well be developed. Some great descriptions, too. 🙂


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