The Archives

PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller
PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller
(Note: This story has been rewritten in the following post AFTER Rochelle’s challenge (Look In the comments))

The Archives

We were having coffee in the little Coffee Shop opposite the Library. I preferred it to the branded coffee shops but mostly because of Gabriela, the dark haired Peruvian Barista. Her upper lip curled sensually and suggestively on one side and it was so mesmerising that I’d often had to avert my gaze at the last minute to avoid embarrassment.


So you said “Just pick up the file from the Basement Archives.”

“It’ll be a doddle (*).” I grimaced at your englishness.

“But it’s closing in 5 minutes.”

“You’ve just got time”. He replied.

So I crossed the road, went into the library and, of course, the Archives were closed.

When I got back you’d left; and, so had Gabriela.

(120 words)

(*) Doddle : a very easy task: this printer’s a doddle to set up and use.

This is this weeks Friday Fictioneers. Thanks again to Rochelle for giving us such inspiring prompts to fuel our imagination.

22 thoughts on “The Archives”

  1. Dear Graham,

    It’s so easy to get sidetracked, isn’t it? Well done. However I’m throwing out a challenge. I believe you can cut your twenty extra words and still have a good one. I dare you! 😉



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  2. I think yours is the first one I’ve seen that actually refers to library stacks — hooray!

    I feel so bad for the narrator, running out on the errand that doesn’t work anyway and when he/she gets back, the hot barista is gone — grrr! Taps into that regret I think we’ve all felt at one time — if only I’d said something when I had the chance!

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  3. Wonderful story! I noticed it is say 120 words. Is that before or after you cut 20 words from your story? I felt the disappointment he felt when he came back to find the hot Peruvian and his friend/boss gone.

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