© Barbara W. Beacham, 2015
© Barbara W. Beacham, 2015

The Cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.

A narrow road skirted the perimeter and afforded access to a green hill beyond.

During the short drive: Dad drove in silence; Mum fixed the road ahead; and I was alone with my thoughts on the back seat.

I hadn’t wanted to come, but they were adamant.

“It’s time.” Dad had insisted.

At the summit, he stopped the car beside a sign which read, SCENIC VIEW, and we all got out and made our way to a footpath, that led back down the hill.

Suddenly, overwhelmed, my eyes welled with tears.

“I can’t go down there.” I sobbed.

Dad laid both hands lightly on my shoulders and I looked up at him pleadingly.

I turned my attention to Mum whose eyes were puffy and bloodshot.

She reached into her handbag and extracted a white handkerchief.

“Come on Son.” She whispered softly.

“It’s time to say goodbye to Molly.”

Read all about Mondays Finish the Story here. It’s a challenge of 100-150 words from a photo prompt (above) and the first few words “The Cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.” I hope you enjoy this weeks entry although it is a little sad.


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