The Poem : Literary Lion

This fortnights Literary Lion Challenge word is Limerick. It’s so enjoyable to be able to spread to 400 words from time to time! The featured photo is (c) Laura Gabrielle Feasey

The Poem

”Write me a poem,” pleaded Caroline, her face upturned with deep green eyes that twinkled pleadingly in the night light’s shine.

“I thought you wanted me to read you a story,” I replied.

“Yes, tell me a story but I need a poem that I can give to Mark.”

It was just a few days before Valentines Day and the whole school was in effervescence.

“Have you bought the card?” I enquired.

”Yes, Mum helped me choose it in the supermarket.”

“Are you going to send it as a surprise?”

“No I’ll give it to him on the way home.”

Mark had been walking Caroline back from school since the beginning of term. I often watched them from the upstairs window as they turned the corner of the street and walked the last few feet to the house.

I observed Mark glancing often at Caroline and imagined that he was trying to pluck up the courage to hold her hand.

I remembered living a similar experience when I was at school. I can’t remember her name, I think it was Anne. It took me more than two weeks to hold her hand and then it was even more awkward when a few weeks later, I went to kiss her on arriving at the front porch of her bungalow. When it finally happened, it was with clenched lips, and romantically very anticlimactic.

I read Caroline her bedtime story and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek before going downstairs.

As I started to pull the door behind me she stirred and said “Promise me Dad.”

“Sure thing buttercup. I’ll do my best.”

I went straight to my desk, poured myself a large glass of Pinot Gris, and after searching in the top drawer for pen and paper, started to write.

I’ll try a Limerick I thought.

After 10 minutes, I’d thought of something, and read it aloud before folding it, ready to slip into the envelope tomorrow morning.

“There was a young boy called Mark
That took Caroline on a walk in the park.
He held her by the hand
In front of the bandstand
And blew her a kiss before it got dark.”

(362 words)

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