The Island : Mondays Finish the Story

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It’s time once again for Mondays Finish the Story and this week Barbara has provided the image (below) and the first sentence “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.” My job is to write between 100 and 150 words to complete the story based on these two elements.
Here it is!


The Island

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island. Josh had learnt from another inmate while he was last doing time.

“You’ll see, its perfect!”

“The only way to get onto the island is by private boat!”

It was exactly what Josh needed. Somewhere to hide while the storm blew over. No communications, no CCTV, isolated and perfectly secluded. The perfect hiding place.

He pulled harder on the oars to make the little rowing boat go faster and looked behind to make sure he wasn’t followed.

His arms were aching as he approached the shore of the tiny island. Looking up he could see the stone tower on top of the hill.

He hid the boat in some bushes, slung his bag over his shoulders and climbed towards the tower.

A uniformed soldier guarded the entrance.

“Ministry of Defence. What is your business?”

No-one had informed Josh that the castle is, in fact, a decommissioned army base. (149 words)

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