A Precise History of Flight : Friday Fictioneers

Well today is National Poetry Day so for this weeks Friday Fictioneers Challenge I thought I would write some poetry for a change.

I think in reality it’s more like a simple ‘ditty’ but I wanted to mark the occasion!


A precise history of flight

I was 5, when I first went round and round,
on a Merry-Go-Round.
I pleaded to fly earlier, but I was too little,
and all I got was a cuddle.

A cuddle was nice,
but it didn’t suffice,
To quench the need to fly through the air,
and the wonderful feeling of soaring mid-air.

In adulthood I had a friend,
who invited me to attend,
A gliding party, for two in the sky,
Where over the Alps, I made a fly-by.

But my ultimate flight, was in fact a fall,
From 15 thousand feet I jumped, and fell like a cannonball,
But made it the ground like a snowflake,
Drifting slowly with my parachute, and landing softly, without a mistake.

Thanks once again to the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for organising each week, this marvellous challenge. Please go and read all the other entries. You know you want to!

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