Sunday is Photo Fiction Day! Around 200 words inspired by a photo prompt.

Here is my attempt for this week. I’ve drawn on my many years spent living in Switzerland.

© A Mixed Bag, 2014

The Poya

As day broke, Luca snapped to attention the moment his eyes opened. With blurred movement he was already sitting on the edge of his bed grappling for his clothes.

“Mum, I’m ready”, he shouted from the bedroom tripping over his shoe laces as he skipped from the bedroom and headed, almost without breathing, towards the front door.

“Luca! Wait!” His Mother intercepted him, taking him into her arms, smiling.

A bowl of hot chocolate and a warm buttered toast were ready on the kitchen table.

“Take these”, she said lovingly.

He scoffed the toast and slurped on the rich milky chocolate.

He shot a pleading look at his Mother and she grinned.

“Go! Enjoy yourself. Take care!”


He left the Wooden Chalet as the first cow passed, decorated with flowers. The rhythmic clanging of the cowbells could be heard echoing in all the valley.

It was the day of the Poya when the cows were led by the Armailii from the lowlands to their summer pastures, high in the alps. An age old tradition.

Skipping and dancing he joined the procession and was far too enthralled to see his mother waving.

Here are some extra pics that illustrate the Poya.

© Wynn Anne's Meanderings: The Long Way Home
© Wynn Anne’s Meanderings: The Long Way Home
The Poya
The Poya
© Photos de la Gruyère du site LYOBA - Petit armaill
© Photos de la Gruyère du site LYOBA – Petit armailli
Armailli et dzakillon de la Gruyère - ©
Armailli et dzakillon de la Gruyère – ©

13 Replies to “The Poya : Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Great story! I really like how you take a local tradition and see it through the eyes of an everyday person experiencing it, with all the mundane details of breakfast and mom-hugs to get us into the action. And what an interesting tradition–thanks for sharing the photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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