The Postcard : Mondays Finish the Story

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© 2015 Barbara W. Beacham
© 2015 Barbara W. Beacham

The Postcard

Now this is living the life of Riley.

Olivia read the words on the freshly delivered postcard and turned it over to see a photo of a cat sprawled out and content.

She knew she had to act rapidly.

Rushing upstairs, she threw a few things into an overnight bag and was out of the house in less than five minutes.

Hurrying, she pulled up the collar of her coat, slipped the grey hood over her head and put on her sunglasses.

Glancing furtively on both sides of the street, she noticed the black unmarked van, and the woman opposite talking on her mobile. Without drawing unnecessary attention to herself, she turned her head to avoid detection by the CCTV cameras, and slipped into an alley.

The game of cat and mouse continued, but Olivia knew that they were just playing with her. Her capture was imminent.

I like flash fiction challenges and to have the first few words imposed and a photograph to inspire makes the challenge very stimulating. The is this weeks Mondays Finish the Story. The link below will take you to the other entries. Why not join us?

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