I must admit that I struggled a little this week for my Literary Lion entry. Perhaps the result is a little too contrived, I’ll let you judge. I didn’t want an uplifting sunshine, vacation sort of story but wanted to incorporate musical elements and song titles into the fiction.


Here comes the sun thought Paula looking to the sky as she jumped off the bus. She tried to grip Freya’s hand but Freya pushed her away. They headed towards the recording studio both women feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Paula tried to lighten the atmosphere. “It’s going to be a good day, sunshine,” she said affectionately, with a wink.

Sunshine has been Paula’s nickname for Freya since they were together at school but they had long forgotten how it had come about.

They entered the small studio to finish work on the new album. Mick was already behind the drums pounding out a fierce rhythm which underlined Pete’s brash staccato chords. When the boys saw them arrive they broke out spontaneously into the chorus from – Don’t let the sun go down on me – while grinning, impishly, from ear to ear.

“It’s getting a bit old guys”, Freya chided as she climbed onto her high stool and reached for the mike.

Paula eyed her up as she settled in behind her keyboards and Freya turned to look away, feeling more and more ill at ease.

Dan the bassist, ambled in, cradling a large Caffe Latté and reached for his Bass Guitar.

They had a long standing musical understanding, and without the slightest exchange of words, Mick started laying down the drum intro to their soon to be released single, as the others joined in.

Looking towards Paula, Freya caught another lascivious regard, and was suddenly unable to utter the slightest sound.

Jumping from her stool she ran desperately to the adjoining room, knocking microphone and musical stands in her rush to escape.

Paula scrambled from behind the keyboards and followed her to the little changing room stepping on microphones and musical partitions in her rush.

The boys heard a shouted argument, followed by a scream, and an agonising pause. Paula pushed open the door.

She made her way back; rivulets of dark red blood, dripping to the floor, from bloodied hands, that gripped a metal nail-file.

Time seemed to stand still.

A Capella

Con Amore

Sunshine of Your Love


The sun ain’t gonna shine – Anymore

Ain’t No sunshine when you’re gone




(365 words)

Thanks once again to Laura Gabrielle Feasey for organising and breathing life into this fortnightly challenge and for the wonderful photo prompt.

Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) : Good Day Sunshine (The Beatles) : Don’t let the sun go down on me (Elton John) : Sunshine of Your Love (Cream) : Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot) : The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore) (Walker Brothers) : Ain’t No Sunshine When You’re Gone. (Bill Withers)

A Capella : Sung with no (instrumental) accompaniment ; Coda : The end of a piece ; Con Amore : With Love ; Rallentando : Becoming Progressively Slower ; Diminuendo : Dwindling ; Coda : The End of a Piece.

3 Replies to “Sunshine : Literary Lion”

  1. I think we do tend to feel something’s a little contrived when it hasn’t come naturally, but this doesn’t seem so to me as a reader at all. I like the inclusion of the song titles, it works beautifully at the end especially. I like that it turned from a lighthearted piece into something much more macabre.

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