The Ticket : Friday Fictioneers

© Ron Pruitt

© Ron Pruitt

The Ticket

The bus driver blocks the tall stocky passenger from getting onto the bus.

“Don’t push, sir! Ticket please!”

The man halts and thrusts a ticket towards the driver.

“Pompous idiot!” he bellows. ”Waste of space!”

The driver scowls and takes the paper, examining it slowly, and methodically.

“Please take a different tone, sir I’m just doing my job.”

He hands the ticket back. “Take your seat,” while motioning the next passenger to come forward.

Whoosh! The door closes, the engine roars, and everyone gawps as the bus leaves the bus stop with the stocky man at the wheel.

Here is my response to this weeks Friday Fictioneers, a writing challenge organised each week by Rochelle (this is it’s third anniversary!)

25 thoughts on “The Ticket : Friday Fictioneers

  1. Why, that S.O.B.! I like to believe all were still in line waiting and the driver was outside checking the tickets… let the big guy have the bus… he’ll eventually get caught!

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