The Lady in Red : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

The Lady in Red

© Pixababy
© Pixabay

D.I. Morgan holds the photo of the female victim delicately by the edges and examines it attentively.

The corpse, arranged over a wooden table was dressed in a long red evening robe and the train had been spread out behind her in an impossibly neat but artistic fashion.

D.I. Morgan slips the photo back into an envelope and drops it onto the interrogation table that separates him from the bearded man opposite.

Smiling, he gazes first at his colleague and then turns his attention back to the suspect.

“Mr Sulfiman, can you explain the presence of this photograph in your camera?”

The man swallows hard, “I just …”

“The problem Mr Sulfiman, is that the digital stamp of the photo places you exactly where the body was found, and just moments after the unfortunate woman’s time of death.”

The accused slumps over the table and sobs.

(145 words)

This is my entry to this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Why not run over and  enter the challenge or look at the other entries by following the link!

11 thoughts on “The Lady in Red : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

  1. I wonder if he did it, or if he’s been framed? Or maybe he’s an artist and has taken matters too far (I absolutely love the observation of the neatly spread out train)? Lots of questions… Good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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