The Peat Bog : Friday Fictioneers

© Dale Rogerson
© Dale Rogerson

The Peat Bog

I took a seat in the auditorium and listened attentively.

“… it’s a wetland with acid peaty soil and one of roughly sixty freshwater islands in Loch Lomond.”

My old accomplice turned the page of his notes and continued, unaware of my presence.

“ … too small to be of interest to anything except wildlife.”

I chuckled as I thought of my drones currently filming the islands. With the exceptional drought, the metal structure marking the location would be apparent, and the diamonds would finally be mine.

I waited for the message that would allow me to gloat over his loss.

(98 words)

It’s time once again for Friday Fictioneers. A satisfying challenge of writin=g some fiction in not more than 100 words prompted by a photograph. This week’s photo is by Dale Rogerson. Thanks Dale, and thanks once again to Rochelle for organising the challenge.

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