The Shoe : Friday Fictioneers

The Shoe

From the car we saw the shoe lying on the grating of a storm drain and stopped the car.

We got out to have a look.

D.I. West skirted around the drain, examining it intently.

I reached down to grab the shoe.

“Gloves!” He barked.

While I put on a pair of disposable gloves he stroked the edges of the grill making staccato metallic noises.

Cigarette butts and dried leaves had blocked most of the spaces between the cast iron grating, but as I bent down to pick up the shoe I saw the gleam of a blood smeared scalpel.

(100 words)

It’s time for this weeks Friday Fictioneers with an interesting prompt © C. E. Ayr that I found rich in possibilities.

Thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the challenge and her hosting skills!

Edit : Changed they to we in lines 1 and 3 to avoid P.O.V. shift

Who knows where the time goes : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Who knows where the time goes?

Alice slipped further into the armchair, feeling the weight of her body ease slowly into the cushions as she fought back the waves of nausea that were engulfing her.

The needle in the crook of her arm was throbbing and she fought the impulse to rip it out. So much pain in her body.
Even breathing seemed to be too much effort. It would be easier just to let go.

But not yet.

Through her half opened eyes she saw the nurse approaching but couldn’t find the courage or the force to stay awake and, instead, drifted further and further into the silent, inodorous, unfeeling darkness.

No more pain, no more suffering, just a soft voice singing in the darkness and the vision of a beautiful shimmering white peacock.

Someone squeezed her hand and awakening, she saw her daughter Melanie in a long white dress with a sparkling tiara, humming a song while waving her fairy wand in a vague circle of eight.

Definitely not yet.

It’s Tuesday and here is my entry to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

Although the prompt is stunning (Thanks to Sonya, with the blog, Only 100 Words). I was also inspired this week by the wonderful song sang by Sandy Denny.

The Ladder : Sunday Photo Fiction

The Ladder

“When are you whitewashing the exterior hun?” asked Lilli, idly chewing her toast.

“Erm … soon”, I replied, “I’m a bit busy …”

“Well you could just pop up with a stiff brush and a scraper and do the painting next weekend,” she retaliated with a winning smile.

I realised that I’d been outmanoeuvered.

“Ok, I’ll just finish my coffee.”

“I’ll hold the ladder and pass you the tools”, quipped Brian.

I looked to him, surprised, my son rarely seemed to help around the house these days, torn between his PS3 and social media.

“Sure! Lets go”, I gulped down my coffee and we headed to the garage, and the ladder.

I started with the carving, brushing the head first with my gloved hand. Was it a lion, a panther, a tiger? I was still unsure.

I gripped the ladder with my free hand; afraid of falling, imagining an accident, broken bones, or maybe even worse. I felt fragile and vulnerable and scrubbed intently, but absent mindedly, with my other hand, preoccupied with staying out of harm’s way.

“Dad!”, screamed Brian, pointing to the wall.

Plaster chips and dust were still falling from where the head had been.


(197 words)

Sunday Photo Fiction comes each Sunday and this weeks prompt is © A Mixed Bag, 2014. As usual I really enjoyed preparing my entry.

Victory : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

This weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is all about victory!

A few years back a friend took me on a flight over the alps. What a wonderful time I had and a victorious moment when he stopped the propellor transforming the plane into a glider while we floated in relative silence over the alps. He passed me the controls and I was able to fly for a few minutes. It was magical.

Departed : Friday Fictioneers

Here is this weeks Friday Fictioneers. Initially I thought I’d give it a miss when I saw the prompt but then it is always a good thing, in my opinion, to confront the inevitability of death and dying in order to live well and to the best of our abilities and to interact responsibly with those that we come into contact with.

“It is crucial to be mindful of death — to contemplate that you will not remain long in this life. If you are not aware of death, you will fail to take advantage of this special human life that you have already attained. It is meaningful since, based on it, important effects can be accomplished.” The Dalai Lama


The cemetery is on the outskirts of town, almost hidden away. A place of peace, tranquility and reflexion; an opportunity to commune with loved ones and to have all those missed conversations.

You, my love, are here; amongst the departed but so out of place; you were so full of life that you imbued it in all who knew you.

I want to yell and scream and have you back with me in all our favourite noisy places; feel the warmth of your embrace and hear your laughter.

Who can help me to understand: if you are no longer here?

(100 words)

A special thanks to Rochelle for providing us with this timely prompt and of course to – © J Hardy Carroll for the photo prompt itself.

Bertie : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

An interesting (as usual) pick for this weeks prompt for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

I just managed to get under the maximum word count.



The car arrived on a Tuesday.

I scrambled down the stairs, jostling Dad on the doorstep as he took possession of the keys.

I skipped thrice around the car touching the headlights, the bumpers and the shiny door handles.

I whooped with joy, “Let’s call him Bertie!”

Act 5, Scene 15

Going up the hill, I was in the back seat with my brother and sister.

Dad had planned the ascent carefully, maximum acceleration going down the hill and no braking on the corner before the ascent.

As usual, Dad and I were left pushing Bertie to the summit while my little brother and sister walked beside, Mum at the wheel.

“You push and I’ll add the sound effects,” grunted Dad, perspiring profusely.


We couldn’t let Bertie go. He’d become part of the family. We painted him all over in bright colours and my sister tended to the flower boxes we placed on his roof.

Later the council ordered it off the road so we placed it on the pavement.

Nobody complained.

Personal Pick : One Word Photo Challenge

IMG_1663 - 2012-02-22 at 15-06-40

This weeks One Word Photo Challenge is left to me, a personal pick. I’ve chosen to display a photo I took a few years back of the Château de Chillon on Lac Leman, Switzerland. It was a beautiful sunny day and a wonderful photo opportunity. This was the same day, incidentally, that venturing further I took the snow covered banks of a previous challenge, so this pic is the official prequel!