Daisy and Mark : Sunday Photo Fiction

The feature image is the prompt for this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction and is provided and copyrighted 2015 by A Mixed Bag. This weeks flash fiction is an attempt to shy away from gloom and doom or intrigue and crime and centre around a relationship. I hope you enjoy it.

Daisy and Mark

Daisy and Mark snuggled closer, cradled by the plush cushions of the love seat in the sunroom.

She reached for her glass and giggled, pointing to the terrace on the other side of the window.

“Are you ever going to plug that hole?”

He reached across and pulled her closer into his embrace, nuzzling her hair.

“I dunno Dee Dee,” he slurred, the words running into one another.

She clumsily returned the glass, without drinking and murmured suggestibly.

“Mmmm… mmmm mmm,” he mumbled, the vibrations tickling her scalp. She curled up, trying to squeeze out any space between them.

His hand glided slowly from behind her head to the small of her back pulling her closer so she could feel his growing excitement.

She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling a frisson of excitement and that tingling sensation deep in her loins.

Pulling her head back, she searched for his lips, licking hers in eagerness for his kiss.

With bated breath their eyes opened ; briefly and instinctively.

Waves of fiery passion pulsed through their bodies as they struggled to disrobe.

He groped for the light switch and suddenly they were left to the vibrant darkness of their desires.

(197 words)

Al Forbes, our host for this weekly challenge, remains discreet on his blog and I take this opportunity of thanking him for providing us with excellent photo prompts each week. Bravo!

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