Daylight Becomes You : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

© Sonya-Only 100 Words
© Sonya-Only 100 Words

She lurks in the cold stone aisles of the abandoned Abbey, waiting for unsuspecting visitors, but no-one ventures this far into the valley.

She wails with all her might, but no sound comes through her icy lips.

She spins round and round relentlessly, a never-ending pirouette; the blurring of moonlight and shadows, visible only between the batting eyelids of weary eyes.

Her long fair hair falls briefly onto her shoulders at each change in direction, as she continues her macabre, endless, partnerless dance.

As daylight approaches she evanesces once again without trace ’til the morrow.

Outside the ruined Abbey her effigy receives the first rays of dawn, but they will never warm a heart of stone that has long ceased to beat.

The inscription is ancient and faded. “Aurora : Daylight Becomes You.

(134 words)

This is my entry to this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Do you think I was influenced by recent calendar events? Probably 🙂

All my thanks to Priceless Joy for curating this wonderful writing opportunity and of course to Sonya – Only 100 Words for providing the photo prompt!

I played around with Photoshop for a mock ‘Book Cover’ but it doesn’t sit well as a feature image (wrong format) so I’ll just throw it in here!

Daylight Becomes You

21 thoughts on “Daylight Becomes You : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

    1. Well I was going to write a short story but got sidetracked making a fake cover in Photoshop. The story is sketched out but still unwritten. I think I’ll have to cut down on the number of challenges I do in a week but I’m having so much fun it’s difficult …

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      1. That’s great you are planning on writing a novel. I understand though about family obligations not allowing you to write it this month. Besides, it will give you a year to get an outline and a plan together so you can be successful when you write it.

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  1. A love the word evanesces and the poetry used to describe the statues dancing. The last line is beautiful but I think of the usual way that line is written and it makes me wonder, if. the light cannot melt her stone heart, maybe it is death that becomes her? Great read and good luck on your book!

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