The Garden After the Rain : Friday Fictioneers

The Garden after the Rain

There’s something extremely sensual about fondling clay. I love going into the garden after the rain and grabbing the sodden clay; moulding it between my fingers and making shapes as I drift into tactile, youthful memories.

The other day I watched this pottery competition on the TV and one of the contestants said that pottery is almost as good as sex ; I wouldn’t go that far though. It’s just good, dirty fun.

Delving deeper I yank out some sort of cable. Probably a remnant from when the house was built.

Then I see the severed finger attached to the end.

It’s another week and another piece of flash fiction for Friday Fictioneers, prompted by Rochelle and the interesting image provided by © Connie Gayer …(Mrs. Russell). Thanks to both of you!

This week my fiction clocks in at exactly 100 words but I had to work really hard to bring it down …

Edit : For cohesion I changed saw to see in the last sentence.

29 thoughts on “The Garden After the Rain : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. I thought this was going to be a nice reflection on life and clay when that finger popped up out of nowhere – like it would have for that character in the story. Nice twist and well done story.

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      1. Yay! I’ve just finished the first draft of my first chapter so also have far to go. I’m enjoying it immensely though! Please let me know is yours progresses 🙂


      2. I’m trying to keep a day to day blog entry for Nano on my page here, and on Fb. My Fb is Jelli Costation . you know how fb is about names, it was the only one that would work.

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