Bertie : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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An interesting (as usual) pick for this weeks prompt for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

I just managed to get under the maximum word count.



The car arrived on a Tuesday.

I scrambled down the stairs, jostling Dad on the doorstep as he took possession of the keys.

I skipped thrice around the car touching the headlights, the bumpers and the shiny door handles.

I whooped with joy, “Let’s call him Bertie!”

Act 5, Scene 15

Going up the hill, I was in the back seat with my brother and sister.

Dad had planned the ascent carefully, maximum acceleration going down the hill and no braking on the corner before the ascent.

As usual, Dad and I were left pushing Bertie to the summit while my little brother and sister walked beside, Mum at the wheel.

“You push and I’ll add the sound effects,” grunted Dad, perspiring profusely.


We couldn’t let Bertie go. He’d become part of the family. We painted him all over in bright colours and my sister tended to the flower boxes we placed on his roof.

Later the council ordered it off the road so we placed it on the pavement.

Nobody complained.

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