Departed : Friday Fictioneers

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Here is this weeks Friday Fictioneers. Initially I thought I’d give it a miss when I saw the prompt but then it is always a good thing, in my opinion, to confront the inevitability of death and dying in order to live well and to the best of our abilities and to interact responsibly with those that we come into contact with.

“It is crucial to be mindful of death — to contemplate that you will not remain long in this life. If you are not aware of death, you will fail to take advantage of this special human life that you have already attained. It is meaningful since, based on it, important effects can be accomplished.” The Dalai Lama


The cemetery is on the outskirts of town, almost hidden away. A place of peace, tranquility and reflexion; an opportunity to commune with loved ones and to have all those missed conversations.

You, my love, are here; amongst the departed but so out of place; you were so full of life that you imbued it in all who knew you.

I want to yell and scream and have you back with me in all our favourite noisy places; feel the warmth of your embrace and hear your laughter.

Who can help me to understand: if you are no longer here?

(100 words)

A special thanks to Rochelle for providing us with this timely prompt and of course to – © J Hardy Carroll for the photo prompt itself.

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