The Shoe : Friday Fictioneers

The Shoe

From the car we saw the shoe lying on the grating of a storm drain and stopped the car.

We got out to have a look.

D.I. West skirted around the drain, examining it intently.

I reached down to grab the shoe.

“Gloves!” He barked.

While I put on a pair of disposable gloves he stroked the edges of the grill making staccato metallic noises.

Cigarette butts and dried leaves had blocked most of the spaces between the cast iron grating, but as I bent down to pick up the shoe I saw the gleam of a blood smeared scalpel.

(100 words)

It’s time for this weeks Friday Fictioneers with an interesting prompt © C. E. Ayr that I found rich in possibilities.

Thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the challenge and her hosting skills!

Edit : Changed they to we in lines 1 and 3 to avoid P.O.V. shift

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