Armadillo : One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC)

An interesting challenge set by Jennifer Nichole Wells for our One Word Photo Challenge this week.



Interesting because I bet that not many participants possess actual photos of Armadillos so this should stimulate some really interesting entries.

My photo is a detail of a pipeline running through the temperate rainforest in Alaska. I thought it looked rather Armadillo-ish in a peculiar mechanical way.

Hat’s off to Jennifer for her excellent organisation and curation of the challenge. It’s always a pleasure to enter.

4 thoughts on “Armadillo : One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC)

    1. First off I want to assure you and anyone else that I have **never** liked a post that I haven’t read! The notion is in itself strange.

      I loved reading your seven facts and was enchanted by the 7th. May I share that one with you as I listen to music from daybreak to bedtime and continue in my dreams!

      I’m very flattered by your nomination and did indeed accept one instinctively a few months back. I’ve only returned to blogging for under six months so I don’t feel I merit any sort of award in the first year.

      This will change next summer as I am sure that I will still be writing. My next challenge is to make my blog come alive with posts that go beyond the 5 or 6 challenges that I respond to each week.

      Thanks Angie!

      Liked by 1 person

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