Time machine : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

This weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers was chosen from Pixabay, a great source for royalty free images.

Here is my entry to this weeks challenge. Many thanks to Priceless Joy for providing us each week with stimulating and thought provoking challenges.

Time Machine

I’ve got a time machine.

It has two wheels and a saddle.

Every time I look at it, images flash in my mind, as my thoughts return to a bygone era.

My body reacts and accompanies those images with body sensations of soreness, muscle cramps and shortness of breath.

Then, suddenly, breaking through the pain and discomfort comes glorious memories of exploration and white knuckle excitement.

I remember the wind on my face hurtling down a hill with reckless abandon, arms raised well above the handlebars.

No helmet, no kneepads, no high visibility ankle bands, wrist slapwraps or night vision safety vests.

My time machine takes me back to quieter times, lazily counting the cars on a 20 mile roundtrip. Authentic pedal power without air pollution or having to hold my breath when other road users approached.

So my time machine stays outside in the cold, I don’t even lock it anymore.

The pleasure of riding it has been sucked out of me.

10 thoughts on “Time machine : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

  1. Wonderful story Graham! But, I have to admit, I don’t understand why the joy of riding it has been sucked out of him. I’m thinking it is because now days they need to wear all the safety gear when they ride? I really enjoyed the story, just confused on this one point.

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  2. An interesting trip down memory lane for you, Graham. I, too, can rexall riding my bike with ‘white knuckle excitement’ – such a great phrase. Riding a bike in those days was so much safer than it is today, with all the traffic to contend with. (And apart from anything else, my creaky knees would complain all the way!)

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