The Filaments : Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner

The Filaments

It seemed a good idea at the time?

You notice the question mark. It makes so much difference doesn’t it.

It questions the logic. Maybe it used to be a good idea and now it isn’t?

Anyway, I’m not here to discuss punctuation or semantics, and as  I’ve had too much bourbon, my thoughts are a little muddled.

Please bear with me.

When I bought these premises, I didn’t have much cash left over to decorate, so I just left the bare lightbulbs over the bar as a sort of decoration, and now they contribute, both to the name, and to the popularity of my establishment.

This is The Filaments, Bar and Night Club, and when you’ve had sufficient alcohol, whatever your tipple, you can gaze into those filaments and daydream away, oblivious to the outside world.


I reluctantly tear my gaze away from the filaments.

I wanted to talk to you about an impending crisis.

My stock of lightbulbs is almost exhausted and current regulations impose the use of LED lightbulbs.

This demands a rethink.

Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or sometime when I’m sober?

This is my entry to the Flash Fiction for Purposeful Practitioners No. 2 2016. Why not head on over and see the other stories based on the Photo Prompt above and the first sentence (which is not obligatory).

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