The Bar : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

The Bar

The establishment was a curious mix of Wild West Saloon and 50’s Rock ’n’ Roll.

The bar was always teeming with life, echoing joyfully from the high wooden ceiling.

The resident band played recklessly, while some ‘I’ve had a few too many’ patrons completed the amazing vibrant ambiance.

It was impossible to hold conversations, so we held hands instead, and exchanged smiles, while discretely doing all the naughty things, that young lovers do.

Then we married and along came Billy and Cassidy, followed by the twins Sally and Lucille.

Yes, some of my fondest memories were made here.

But now, memories are all that I have left of you, and we’ve returned, in silence.

The still, burdened hush, is broken by the solid wooden chairs, creaking noisily as we rise.

We raise our glasses, and I lead, as warm tears spill, of their own free will.

“Sweetheart, you’ll never escape the tender embrace of my wounded heart.”

“Love you always Mum,” the children add, with tremulous voices.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a wonderful weekly Flash Fiction challenge, where a photo prompt (this week provided by Etol Bagam) should result in a 100-175 words or less story.


Thanks Etol for a great prompt this week.

21 thoughts on “The Bar : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

  1. Lovely how you sketched out an entire life from teenage years to death. There’s a subtle shift in tone after “Yes, some of my fondest memories were made here.” from joyous to bitter-sweet. Great writing!

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  2. It’s an interesting place to have a funeral. Poor guy, separated from his wife by death. She must have been young if she still had children who were children. We go when go I guess, it isn’t always fair when.
    Great thoughtful story.


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