Tales from the Old Manor : Friday Fictioneers

Tales from the Old Manor

The doorbell rings. I continue to savour my breakfast.

Thomas enters discretely. “Excuse me Sir, Sergeant Briggs is at the back gate.”

“Thank you Thomas.”

I finish my Cappuccino and make my way outside.

“Ah Inspector, Nice to see you back so soon!”

“Just Sergeant, Sir. I’m following up that missing persons report.”

“Let’s check the derelict steps again.”

I guide him affably to the top with my winning smile.

Then my hefty shove knocks him down the stone steps.

He vanishes instantly like the previous imbeciles.

No puff of smoke. No sound effects.

I’m a magician, not a murderer.

(100 words)

Many thanks to this weeks photo © Amy Reese. A wonderful prompt! Also continued thanks to Rochelle for this weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge.

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