Over and Over Again : Tuneful Thursdays

Over and Over Again

From nowhere, comes somewhere; and finally just here.

Here. A cold and dark place. Devoid of light and of warmth.

Full of gut-wrenching pain and suffering.

I must escape.

Anywhere would do, but nowhere would be preferable.

Through the pain, I feel some warmth and pressure in my left hand.

I’m unable to open my eyes.

Is that you Olivia?

I try to say your name, over and over again, but no sound comes from my lips.

It goes round and round in my head.

Olivia. Olivia. Olivia.

Take me away into the light. Lay me down in the grass under the warm sun.


I slip away once more, falling back into the engulfing murkiness.

We’re dancing with the early morning sun and I’m singing your name as we laugh and spin, round and round we go.

Olivia. Olivia. Olivia.

The stench of vomit fills my nostrils, but only the odour and the acidic residues remain in my brittle, shrivelled, body.

Someone applies something cool and moist to my forehead.

A temporary respite.


I miss you more than life itself.

Olivia. Olivia. Olivia.

Perhaps if I call your name enough, over and over again, you’ll come back to me, and we’ll go into the light.


Did I hear a whisper in my ear?

“It’s ok to leave.”

Time stands still, while the suffering slowly dissipates.


Your name is on my last breath.

“Olivia …”



I’m setting myself a weekly task outside of my habitual challenges. Thursday is normally a quieter non-challenge day but who wants one of those!

This year my aim is to write every day.

So on Thursdays I’ll pick a musical inspiration and base a story around it. I’ll use the number of words I feel the story requires. Sometimes it will be short and other times it will be longer but I’ll fix the upper limit at 1000 max. I’ll add the song for you to listen to.

This week the song features Jon Lord and Ian Gillan, both ex-Deep Purple members.

Lovely vocals and great guitar too. Enjoy!

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