The Hazards of Winter : Sunday Photo Fiction

The Hazards of Winter

Winter is such a wonderful season. Sun and snow is such a crisp, exciting combination. It spurs envies of throwing on warm winter gear and dancing out in the snow; scooping handfuls of white powder and forming amazing snowballs.

I tear myself, with difficulty, from that idyllic dream and try to think past the pain throbbing in my muddled head. Passing my fingers through my hair I find a wet and sticky patch and withdrawing my hand, I can just distinguish smears of red.

Eyes wide open, at last, I see that I’m in an ice-cold, snow covered car. Only eerie muffled sounds enter into the vehicle.

Vague memories of the night resurface.

Shivering uncontrollably I realise that I’m stark naked and panicking I reach desperately for the door handle. It’s stuck but as I work it harder and harder it starts to budge.

It must be the ice! In desperation I beat against the window, dislodging some of the snow.

Searching frantically for something to wear, I discover a bright pink note stuck loosely on the back seat.

I bring it into the light.

“No, means No! Have a nice day.”

This weeks Sunday Photo Fiction challenge prompt is © A Mixed Bag 2010. Brrr. I’m grateful for the opportunity of rising to this challenge once again.

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