A Teen Adventure

A Teen Adventure

He was at the junction of Hannover Street and Princess Street on a rather cold and wet late January Edinburgh day. Winter had come unexpectedly and the few clothes he’d thrown together in an old suitcase were more suited to the climate farther south than the Scottish drizzle and harsh winter winds.

He’d had to escape the constant bickering and total lack of freedom of movement at home and the endless conflicts had proved more than he could bear. He really thought that at 17 he should be able to have girlfriends and go out regularly with his mates.

When he learnt about the possibility of joining the Followers of ARC, he made a few calls, quit school, and hitched it up to Scotland with a few pounds that he’d scraped from the cake tin.

They’d said that he wouldn’t need money anyway. He’d have a roof over his head and regular meals. It sounded exactly like the adventure he was looking for!

When he knocked at the heavy black door to the old abandoned factory he was invited in straight away. There were so pleased to see him! Someone relieved him of his suitcase with a smile.

When they locked the front door shut he was surprised, but Lafayette, who seemed to be some sort of leader, assured him it was only to keep strangers out.

He was put to work straight away and was glad to be able to grab a sandwich around midnight. Lafayette explained that his room wouldn’t be ready for a while but it’s not been too bad sleeping on a blanket just by the lift shaft. It’s conveniently near to his duties. He’s been cleaning out the lift shaft and clambering up a long length of rope to whitewash the interior walls. It’s gruelling work but he gets a lot of encouragement. Sometimes he has a tea break and from time to time a biscuit or two.

As he’s a hard worker Lafayette has let him purchase some mind training. He doesn’t even have to pay, because it’s just taken from his wages! Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t actually received a salary yet?

So today he’s excited to be able to discover Edinburgh for a few hours. Lafayette passed him a pile of books and said he was to get them accepted on a sell or return basis in the local bookshops.

He said that with the power of his mind he could do anything. It sufficed to think with enough intention to make it happen.

He resolved to put it to the test. He saw the traffic lights ahead and decided that they would change to green on his count of 9.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 . . .

‘Hmm,’ he thinks ‘Perhaps I need more training.’

No challenge and no prompt today but I didn’t want a day off. I wanted to write!

3 thoughts on “A Teen Adventure

  1. Good old Edinburgh. How I miss that place … [dreamy eyed with nostalgic memories of his university years] … It’s a shame your main character doesn’t get to enjoy it that much. He actually reminds me a bit of Quasar from David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten, with Lafayette being ‘His Serendipity’. The story line is different, but it kind of has some similarities. That is all to say I really like this story!

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