Monsieur Albert : Friday Fictioneers

Monsieur Albert

When Monsieur Albert visited the UK, it was my job to entertain him. As the weather was uncertain I proposed a visit to a stately home.

“Somewhere with a music room?” He enquired.

“Yes, we could visit Chatsworth.” I replied eager to please.

So we drove up from London,  arriving later than planned, due to a traffic incident.

He headed directly to the music room.

“What a lovely harpsichord!” I exclaimed.

“No it’s a Spinet, look how it’s smaller.”

He sat down to play.

An attendant darted over but immediately recognised him.

“Maestro, Je vous en prie!” [1]

(98 words)

It’s Wednesday so it’s also Friday Fictioneers time. Yay!

[1] A few meanings for this :

Je vous en prie = by all means
Je vous en prie = you’re welcome

Entrez, je vous en prie = 1. Enter, please! 2. After you! 3. Please!

26 thoughts on “Monsieur Albert : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Either Monsieur Albert is more famous than I realize, or the attendants at Chatsworth are incredibly knowledgeable! (Or both.) Glad that it worked out for the narrator — having been the person in charge of entertaining the company guest, the last thing you want is An Incident.

    Liked by 1 person

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