Camilla’s Story : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Camilla’s Story

Camilla met Arthur in February 1946. Arthur had just been demobilized and was convalescing from his wounds and Camilla was a volunteer park gardener. While she was tending to the flower beds, they’d struck up awkward conversations that flourished and grew over time well after their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Camilla had tended to Arthur and to their garden. Arthur was not a gardener but he enjoyed sitting on the bench with his newspaper while listening to her sing as she planted and weeded.

One of her favourites were the sunflowers that sprung up spontaneously each year as if to say, ‘Hello, we’re back!’

Last winter, while the garden was covered in snow, Camilla passed away peacefully, and was laid to rest in the cemetery beside the park.

When Arthur visited Camilla the following summer, he noticed that several sunflowers grew on a narrow barren strip of soil at the entry to the gardens.

Perhaps the seeds had been blown there from their own garden, he mused.

Smiling, he thought ‘I must tell Camilla.’

(173 words)

The inspiration for this weeks’ Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers was provided by ©Sonya-Only 100 Words. Thanks Sonya.

My inspiration was prompted by an idea of my wife of spontaneous growth from blown sunflower seeds and that somehow planted the seeds of ‘La Dame aux Camélias’ by Alexandre Dumas, fils. I used a variation of her name in my story.

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