Sandcastles : Friday Fictioneers


We were childhood sweethearts and spent a lot of time on the beach.

Life seemed simpler then, ice creams, beachballs, and of course buckets and spades for building endless sandcastles.

No matter how elaborate they were, the incoming tide always destroyed them.

As children, it never worried us, and we accepted it without discussion.

When we bought our house we chose to call it ‘Château de Sable’.

Then the relentless waves of the housing downturn bore down upon us, leaving us outside to contemplate the locked gates.

My anger is rising. You are weeping.

We are heartbroken.

(97 words)

I have a bad head cold this week, it started in my throat and seems to be working its way up. Ugh.

As I’m bilingual English/French I’m aware of the subtle double meaning of ‘Château de Sable’ which besides meaning Sandcastle also means to build something on flimsy foundations. ‘De construire des chateaux de sable’, something not meant to last.

So when I saw this weeks excellent prompt (©ceayr) I decided to use that as my inspiration. Thanks again to Rochelle for organising this excellent Flash Fiction Friday Fictioneers Challenge!


21 thoughts on “Sandcastles : Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Graham,

    Nicely done. I hope your cold doesn’t hang on long and you’re up to snuff soon. (Bad pun, sorry.) Being bilingual is a great thing. I’m what you call semi I think. I’m fairly decent with Spanish and know a bit of Hebrew. What I don’t know I can usually find the translations for online. 😉



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    1. Thanks Rochelle, I’m hanging on as best I can between tissues and nasal sprays but still enjoying reading and writing. I admit online research is often useful (even when you’re bilingual!!)


  2. Ah.. yes being bilingual helps me very little so far. Swedish is such a small language globally… But we really saw the same thing in that picture… (I googled Chateau de Sable… but sandcastle has the same meaning in Swedish… also as a metaphor of course)… Sounds like a bad omen to call your house a sandcastle, but I have a feeling their marriage is also on less than solid ground.

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  3. I am sure that lots of people lost places that they once called home, it is heart-wrenching to read. A very good story,
    on another note, you are very lucky because if I get a head cold then my dictation product will not recognise my voice, and I get no writing done!
    Get well soon 🙂

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  4. Talk about asking the Universe for something… I have to agree calling your house a Chateau de sable is not sending the proper vibes! Superbe histoire qui est malheureusement trop réaliste!

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  5. I hope you feel better soon. Great story, too sad in the end. Anger and tears is the only thing left for too many when such bubbles burst. We have a simialr saying in German: auf Sand gebaut, built on sand.

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