Fireside Melodies : Tuneful Thursdays

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Fireside Melodies

I stream Erik Satie to the speakers and Gymnopédie Number 1 starts to play.

Freya and I are listening, together, in front of the fireplace, as the flames curl and sway, licking the dry wood and making it pop and crackle.

It’s turning into a perfect evening. The chilled champagne, and the dark Swiss pralines, await us on the round polished walnut table.

Freya is curled up on the sofa and I am lying on the fur rug.

After a long moment Freya says, ”It’s a sad tune”.

I nod of my head vaguely, and continue to listen, with eyes closed.

I haven’t been able to listen to Satie with anybody else since you left, but after 3 years, I realise that a lot of the pain seems to have dissipated.

“It’s very beautiful”, Freya adds, her voice seeming softer and very enticing.

The pianist continues to play, as you dance before me in my mind. Coming slowly to a halt, you lean over and whisper in my ear softly, “It’s time to let go”.

Yes, I think, it is time to move on.

As I sit up, I reach for Freya’s hand.

“What would you like to listen to now?”

This is my third week of Tuneful Thursdays where I pick some music from my collection and use it to write some Flash Fiction.

I hope you enjoy both the music and my words.

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