The Anniversary

The last time, everything fit in three duffles, that Stan had found in his attic and thrown into the boot of the car.

The three of them had met outside the bank, just before it closed, on a late September day in 1973.

Fred stood watch at the door while Al covered the clients. Stan went straight to the bank teller and within 3 minutes had obtained, with the help of a rather impressive firearm, wads of banknotes that he stuffed into the bags.

They left the bank, and escaped into the sunset, £120K richer.

Robbing a bank was so uncomplicated in the seventies.

On the top floor, of an anonymous whitewashed building in the suburbs of Monte Carlo, the three of them meet once again to celebrate, as they do on a random day each year. This year marks their 43rd anniversary.

Fred checks the door and stairway for any signs of strangers, while Al takes the laptop from his briefcase.

Stan boots up the machine and enters the password. At the prompt he types : £120,000 and presses the return key.

“OK Gentlemen, we are all £40K richer once again, let’s move to the next item of business.



Yes I’ve gone with the acronym today! Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner is quite a mouthful! Thanks once again Roger Shipp for this excellent weekly challenge!


10 Replies to “The Anniversary : FFftPP”

  1. Forty-three years is a long time. They must be very good at their job! That would equal to obtaining a whole lot of dough! Sooner or later robbers get caught…theirs will certainly be considered later Great story.


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