The Deep End : Literary Lion

10 thoughts on “The Deep End : Literary Lion”

  1. It is so heartless for a parent to do that to a child and it can have lasting negative results…if the child survives. It is known that someone can drown in just a few ounces of water…why would anyone want to put their child in such danger. Great story! 🙂

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    1. Very astute observation which makes an excellent little story in itself : Parent’s rash decision. Long lasting effects. 6 word story (yours of course and not mine!)

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  2. Good Lord, I remember my mother doing that to me at a swim lesson of all things, at the behest of the instructor. I am still a terrible swimmer to this day and panic if I can’t reach the surface easily.

    “That day, all the respect and admiration he had for his Dad, remained in the pool, as he left it for good.” Loved this line. It truly stood out from the rest of the piece for me.

    Well done.

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