Under her Wing : Sunday Photo Fiction

Under her Wing

Angelique, the last born of the triplets, is swaddled with Angie on the sofa. A Natural History documentary is showing on the television but the sound is muted and neither of them are paying attention. The only sounds come from the fire crackling in the grate and Angelique’s soft sighs as she sleeps peacefully.

Angie cradles her daughter protectively, and preens her blond curly locks with a mothers touch.

Angelique sleeps on undisturbed.

Angie runs her fingers softly over the thin white scars as she continues to fondle Angelique’s hair. Uncomfortable memories of illness and invasive treatment sweep over her, uninvited. She forces herself to take a deep breath and shuts out the uninvited memories, relieved that all this is now behind them.

Without warning, Abigail and Amelia tumble noisily into the living room and skip joyfully towards the sofa. They clamber under the soft covers and snuggle in for a cuddle.

Angie scoops them up as close to her as possible, then pecks them ceremoniously on their foreheads, one after the other.

“My brood!” she chirps.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge, the idea of which, is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.

16 thoughts on “Under her Wing : Sunday Photo Fiction

    1. Your comments are so motivating. They really add to my pleasure of writing. I just admit I was pleased with this story too.


      1. Well I’m nothing other than someone who enjoys writing but I only really have 7 months experience here on this blog. You know what they say “It takes one to know one!”


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