Bear : OWPC

For this weeks One Word Photo Challenge I am going to take my inspiration a little further afield and improvise.

sc00424f0a04 - 2008-04-04 at 23-00-41.jpg

I could have showed you some Koala Bears but instead here is a photo of a stuffed Panda that my wife and I bought in the UK and transported back in the cabin with us to Switzerland and put it in the ‘nursery’ to wait for our darling daughter Jennifer who was born a few months later. I still chuckle thinking about the stewardesses faces as we brought it aboard.


As a bonus, my wife who in addition to being extraordinarily beautiful, is also very creative and talented in all things relating to needlework, patchwork and appliqué.

Above is one of her squares!


A few more words on ‘The End of the World’

The end of the world is in fact the southernmost navigable point on the highway that spans from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, on a dirt road south of the Beagle Channel but just north of Cape Horn that we are expected to navigate tomorrow morning around 7.30am.

Our tour guide was excited because he jokingly said that Ushuaia has about 30 sunny days a year and today was one of them. It’s also Sunday and the Park was full of campsites and local inhabitants preparing their barbecue ‘Asadas’.

I’ll prepare a little slideshow on my return but leave you with just one image of a wonderful day.

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No More Time : Friday Fictioneers

A Friday Fictioneers from Puerto Montt.

No more time

Judy heard the roar and stood up on the beach to face the noise.

Momentarily an observer, rather than a passenger, of the passage of time, she saw, in that instant, the inevitability of her fate.

She bade farewell to the last warm rays of the summer sun, and shivered in anticipation of the encroaching night.

She watched and waited, as the swell of the tsunami advanced rapidly towards where she was standing, and although she was far from being alone in her fate, it felt somehow strangely personal.

The wave continued inland. No more time for thoughts.

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Living Statue : Daily Post Photo Challenge

Here is this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge

The inspiration is from a chance encounter with a ‘living’ statue of Pope Jean-Paul II that I saw this afternoon walking in the Parque Araucano Las Condes in Santiago de Chile where I am resting after our stop in Peru before boarding our cruise ship tomorrow in Valparaiso.
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