The Blue Car : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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The Blue Car

At the end of the lane, in front of the shed, was a vintage car.

I’m sure it used to be roadworthy, but that must have been a very long time ago. The powdery blue of the bodywork had long lost all remnants of a shine and bushes encroached upon the vehicle, tickling it’s rusty underbelly.

It looked as if it might have been owned by a clown as the eyes painted on the headlights gave it a somewhat jolly aspect.

This contrasted with the human elements of this bizarre tableau.

A set of booted legs protruded from under the vehicle whilst another human form was draped over the front wheel base as if attempting to service the engine.

Neither moved.

Not even slightly.

There was no doubt in my mind that this was the work of the so called Vintage Sculptor Murderer.

Always two random victims arranged together in or around a classic car.

These were victims seven and eight.

I took a few photos and called the CIS.

This weeks FFfAW, curated by Priceless Joy is prompted by the feature image above provided by pixababy. Thanks Priceless Joy for another great challenge!


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